Best Software for Your Windows PC

It is true that today’s generation is hugely dependent on smartphones, tablets and other gadgets. But using all these does not necessarily mean that usage of computer has become outdated.

In fact, according to me, PC would never lose its value, no matter how many new gadgets hit the market.

Computers have been fulfilling our personal as well as professional needs for ages now, and though there are MAC, Linux, Ubuntu operating systems, our dependency remains on Windows.

And with each day passing by, Windows is coming up with newer versions and handy tools, which are truly irresistible. You can download the new and smart Windows apps from Windows store as well as Softonic, where each app is free to download.

So today, let’s discuss some happening software for Windows.

  1. Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC is an enhanced version coming from the house of Adobe and is one of the best in the field of photo editing apps. This app with 3D designing capabilities lets you import your artwork to a different level.

This app has some simple tools like, cropping tool, zooming tool, eraser tool, brush tool, retouch tool and also some complex tools like pen tool, lasso tool, move tool etc.

Additionally, it lets you recreate your image’s size, resolution and provides several filters to beautify your sculpture.

A bit complex for new users, Adobe Photoshop CC is a pro for those who enjoy digital art.

  1. KM player

If you need a break from VLC Media player and want to try something new, then you can try KM player. This audio and video player supports almost all types of media formats, namely, MKV, AVI, AVS and many more.

The best thing about KM Player is, it is thoroughly customizable, and this personalization options can be enabled only when you want. They don’t pop up now and then to disturb you when you’re in the middle of streaming something.

The sound and picture quality of KM player are also remarkable. Therefore, this windows software is a must try, as it does not have anything to complain about.

  1. WinRAR

WinRAR is a unique software which lets you compress files of different formats, namely ZIP and RAR. In the latest version, they have started supporting the RAR5 version as well.

WinRAR keeps you away from all the annoyance of attaching multiple items when you’re sending an e-mail.

In fact, WinRAR makes it easier to read compressed a file. Its only backlog is that its user interface looks a bit outdated.

Best Software for Your Windows PC

  1. TeamViewer

There is nothing much to talk about TeamViewer as it has become a household name today. This software which helps in remote computer access is a blessing for all users.

Some its interesting features include chat services, recording and file sharingetc.

So, download today!

Here I’ve mentioned only 4 top software for Windows. To know about more such apps and to be familiar with sites like Softonic, from where you can download all these apps for free, visit today.